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Frequent Questions What are Warframes? Warframes are férgek, hogyan lehet gyorsan pénzt kivonni of Tenno the character that you controlevery Warframe have diferents skills and characteristics.

What are the abilities and how it use?

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Skills are "Powers" which every Warframe have, you have 4 kind of Skills per Warframe. To use them; you only have giardia in my well water press the buttons 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the skill that you want to use. The skill number 4 or Warframe's ability is often the most powerful skill and consumes more energy.

What is energy for and how it gets? The energy is what Warframes use to throw their skills, in the match you can restore your energy with blue spheres that the enemies drop or inside the chests that you break.

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To know how much energy you have; you only have to look during a match in the bottom right of the screen where there is a small and thin bar with a number that determines the amount of energy you have.

How can life and shield regenerate? Life can regenerate with red spheres that the enemies drops or inside the chests that you break.

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However, the shield only can regenerate while you don't receive any kind of damage. What is the affinity for and how it gets? The affinity are bright yellow "spheres" that gives you extra experience that adds at the end of the mission; it drops from chests and cupboards. You can also get affinity through secondary missions that appear at the beginning of the match, and if you need to remember what you have to do; just press escape during the match and it will appear at the middle of the screen.

What is the Endo?

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Endo is a kind of energy which let us upgrade our Mods. You can get it of many ways: Killing enemies in every kind of mission, they dropping it in various quantities, 15, 50 or Getting it like reward in rotations of a mission, it dropping in quantities of 80 to What are the Mods?

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Mods are "cards" which you obtain after kill enemies or at the end of the mission. It use to improve your Warframes, weapons or companions.

Ivóvíz arzénmentesítése nanoszuréssel

According you level up or implant an Orokin Reactor or Orokin Catalyst you will have more capacity to put more Mods and improve Mods that you already have installed. There are many colors which represent the value giardia in my well water the Mod: bronze Commonsilver Uncommongold Rareplatinum Legendary and crystal Riven.

Bronze, silver and gold Mod can be get by killing enemies and doing missions. Platinum Mod giardia in my well water be get by buying it on the merchant, who comes every two weeks at the relay's planets.

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By last, crystal Mods can be get by doing Srotie's missions, are special Mods because you have to unlock them complying the terms that the Mod ask. You can change the characteristics of the crystal mod ussing Kuva.

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Emberi aszcariasis are Ayatan Sculptures and Stars for? Ayatan Sculptures are little Orokin treasure which can be found hidding in any mission, and it serves to exchange of Endo with Maroo or decorate our ship.

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On the other hand, Ayatan Stars are little shining fragments which sometimes are dropped of enemies' containers. There are two colors cyan and amber and it can use to upgrade the Ayatan Sculptures.

Programme-2005 - MMT

To do that, we have to use the Mods' machine of our ship and click at the top button to the right dedicated to Ayatan treasures. When an Ayatan Sculpture is selected, it will be displayed in detail, and if you slide the mouse over its holes, the game will give us the chance to use Ayatan Stars inside That will consume the starthe sculpture will start to move slightly, and the amount of Endo that Maroo would exchange for it will increase a lot.

Each scukpture can receive around 3 or 4 stars, which will fully unblock the movement and will increase the endo value to the maximum.

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What are companions for and how to get them? Companions are very useful when playing, you have sentinels which blueprints can buy at the shop and Kubrows where the only form to get them is in the adventure "The howl of the Kubrow" that start when you kill Jackal [Venus Boss, in Fossa]. Frequent Questions What are the archwings and how can it gets?

Archwings are a set of mechanical wings probably Orokin design used for a Tenno Player to fly and enter combat in space.

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